“Many dentists claim to be “cosmetic” dentists. My experience with two of these “experts” was horrible. It cost me thousands of dollars! They didn’t know anything about how to fix my cosmetic and functional dental problems. I was left desolate and without proper fitting or acceptable appearing denture.

When my dental surgeon, recommended that I go see Dr. Koslowski – a doctor who teaches other dentists the art of Prosthodontics at UCLA – I was skeptical, but compliant. I am so grateful for that recommendation!

It is wonderful to find that my multiple mouth distortions have been fixed to make me look younger, healthier, and happier all due to the artistry of one man, Ronald Koslowski, DDS, with vision and talent.

Dr. Koslowski is a prosthodontist that knows how to fix the impossible (at least as far as I’m concerned). He is an “artist!” He and his staff make me feel that I’m the most important client they have by offering a welcoming warmth, friendliness, and individual treatment including privacy.

Thank you. Dr. Koslowski!”

Stephanie Schoenfeld, RN
Stephanie R. SchoenfeidRN

“It is with great pleasure that I share my experience under Dr. Koslowski’s expert care. Beginning with the consultation which was thorough and explicit, I was confident that the procedure in getting new teeth would be a success. I have been wearing the permanent full mouth dentures for almost a year and the fit is so well customized that I’m barely aware they are not my own. Many people complain of sores and various other inconveniences due to dentures, but I’m happy to report none have happened for me. In fact, the teeth I have look like my real teeth did before the damages took place.

I would recommend Dr. Koslowski to anyone requiring a “new smile” for a lifetime of comfort and perfect fit!”

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Sandy Hughes

“What a pleasure to be able to eat and enjoy my food again!! You made this possible by your caring and expertise in creating a comfortable fitting prosthesis for me. May all your patients be as satisfied as I am, and I’ll sing your praises to those in need of your services. Thank you and all your very able staff.”

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Anne Eaton

“When my Dental Hygienist recommended Dr. Koslowski and said he was “The Best”. She was so right. Dr. Koslowski solved my dental problems, made me proud of my smile, & eating corn on the cob is no longer a challenge! With much affection for this wonderful man.”

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Ellie Mann

“I am not the usual dental patient.  I am a recently retired dentist who practiced for forty years, and during my active practice I was the past president of the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry, and served for many years as a Peer Review Examiner for the Los Angeles Dental Society.  That experience trained me to be able to evaluate the quality of a dentist’s treatment, and I have trusted Dr. Koslowski to provide all of my personal dental care.  He is kind, caring and highly ethical.  He provides accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, and renders excellent care with great precision.  His results are outstanding and I highly recommend him.  I have also been very impressed with the quality of his staff.  They are all very pleasant and highly professional.”

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Dr. M. CarlinRetired DDS