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Jim Self
RN Stephanie Schoenfeld
Dr. John Reeves
Jacqueline Green

“If you want the best, look no further than Dr. Koslowski. He has a thorough knowledge of the latest developments in dentistry and prosthodontics, and will first present and clearly explain all available options that will be easy for you to understand. I’ve had complex dental procedures for decades and can assure you that not only are his skills, manner, procedures, equipment and staff exceptional in every respect, Dr. Koslowski is a true artist who will provide you with the very best teeth replacements, oral health and function that will always exceed your expectations.” Ken Rubin

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If you want the best, look no further than Dr. K

“I’m thrilled with my four front veneers from Dr. Koslowski. The front teeth are so important visually and he matched them perfectly giving me a great bite and perfect color. Dr. Koslowski is extremely knowledgeable and exacting and it pays off. The office staff and dental staff are very welcoming and available. I could not recommend Dr. Koslowski more highly.”

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Charlotte Koppe

“I went for a consultation to Dr. Koslowski for a full mouth reconstruction. I liked him and his staff right away. I found Dr. Koslowski to be such a perfectionist. I had very bad teeth and he fixed and made them look like nothing was every wrong with them. He is patient, kind, and he never gave up when the treatment became challenging. He also has a good sense of humor. Dr. Koslowski and his staff are professional, friendly, and always make me feel comfortable and welcomed.”

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Hiroko Knight

“When my long time dentist retired several years back, I asked if he could recommend a new dentist to me, since I still needed dental work. He suggested I see his own dentist, Dr. Ronald Koslowski. I made an appointment, and for the last 4 years, I have come to Dr. Koslowski for all my dental care. I can honestly say that the crowns and fillings made by Dr. Koslowski appear completely natural and I couldn’t be happier with the cosmetic result. The dental office is quiet/peaceful and I always feel relaxed when I’m there. The staff is very friendly and efficient, and makes sure that I have a pleasant visit. I am so happy to have come to Dr. Koslowski and recommend his services to anyone who seeks quality dental care and exceptional cosmetic results.”

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Palle Christensen

“11 years ago, I was referred to Dr. Koslowski. I felt an instant trust when I met him. I had a multitude of issues. After his evaluation, Dr. Koslowski knew exactly what needed to be done. He layed out a plan and began to perform his miracle. He worked hard to save as many of my teeth as he could. He anticipated what could happen in the future and built it into his plan. Dr. Koslowski is an extraordinarily talented and caring person. To this day, he his helping me keep my teeth as healthy as possible. I cannot express my gratefulness enough for his dedication. The result is my beautiful smile.”

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Rikki Roberson

“I am a relatively new patient of yours. I needed a large procedure to be done and you were of the dentists I met with. I was very impressed with you and decided to have you do the work. Lucky for me, you are amazing. I remember telling you that you created magic. You have me as a life-long patient. You are warm and caring.”

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Vivian Morris

“Thank you for your very valuable input and for the sincere interest you showed in me as ‘the patient.’ Thank you mostly for taking as long as you did answering my questions. You have no idea how meaningful it was to me to have you listen to attentively.”

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Maria V.

“Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. While I am still very anxious about the dentist, [all of you in the office] made me feel as good as I could. When I got home and discussed it with my wife, she said she never thought I was say [a dentist appointment] ‘went well.’ I really appreciate it. Cheers!”

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Angela A.

“Thank you so much for all you do. I must confess, I’ve had nightmares for years about teeth issues. But even during this extreme sensitivity, you are by far the most gentle doctor I’ve seen. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve practically demolished my anxieties!”

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Danielle Gupta

“I just wanted to thank you all so, so much for your help in getting my tooth just right. The process was obviously a long and complex one, and you were all so generous – of time and spirit. Your patience and kindness meant the world to me. I can’t even explain what it feels like to have had an insecurity that has existed since I was six years old, and feel like it has not been allayed. It was so wonderful  to be at a wdding this weekend, meeting new people and not have to think about it once.”

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Sophie Hubbard

“Many dentists claim to be “cosmetic” dentists. My experience with two of these “experts” was horrible. It cost me thousands of dollars! They didn’t know anything about how to fix my cosmetic and functional dental problems. I was left desolate and without proper fitting or acceptable appearing denture.

When my dental surgeon, recommended that I go see Dr. Koslowski – a doctor who teaches other dentists the art of Prosthodontics at UCLA – I was skeptical, but compliant. I am so grateful for that recommendation!

It is wonderful to find that my multiple mouth distortions have been fixed to make me look younger, healthier, and happier all due to the artistry of one man, Ronald Koslowski, DDS, with vision and talent.

Dr. Koslowski is a prosthodontist that knows how to fix the impossible (at least as far as I’m concerned). He is an “artist!” He and his staff make me feel that I’m the most important client they have by offering a welcoming warmth, friendliness, and individual treatment including privacy.

Thank you. Dr. Koslowski!”

Stephanie Schoenfeld, RN
Stephanie R. SchoenfeidRN

“It is with great pleasure that I share my experience under Dr. Koslowski’s expert care. Beginning with the consultation which was thorough and explicit, I was confident that the procedure in getting new teeth would be a success. I have been wearing the permanent full mouth dentures for almost a year and the fit is so well customized that I’m barely aware they are not my own. Many people complain of sores and various other inconveniences due to dentures, but I’m happy to report none have happened for me. In fact, the teeth I have look like my real teeth did before the damages took place.

I would recommend Dr. Koslowski to anyone requiring a “new smile” for a lifetime of comfort and perfect fit!”

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Sandy Hughes

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